Blinky Blink

You are one blink away from all that is

To open our minds to a world unseen and bring it to life

Blinky Blink uncovers a world of awe and wonder to make the invisible visible and bring life to colour, sound, visuals, and mood. We make our own films and freelance within schools and communities as multidimensional storytellers that specialise in sensorily, imaginative and visual projects.

Blinky Blink is a sole proprietor business owned by Lianne Metcalf

Video production

Lianne has shot videos including a feature film, short films, documentaries and more.


Bardo series

A series of short films created by Lianne Metcalf.

In Buddhist teachings, the bardos represent transitional states between various phases of existence, signifying the fluidity and impermanence of life. The bardos are pivotal periods encompassing life, death, and the spaces in between. Each bardo presents an opportunity for profound insight and transformation. From the bardo of life, where individuals experience the present moment, to the bardos of death and afterlife, where consciousness navigates through different realms, and even the bardos of dreams and meditation, which offer gateways to explore the nature of reality. These transitional states emphasize the importance of mindfulness, awareness, and understanding the transient nature of existence, encouraging practitioners to cultivate wisdom and compassion throughout these transitions to attain spiritual growth and liberation from cyclic existence (samsara).

The Bardo of Life

In Buddhism, the bardo of life is seen as a transient and precious opportunity for individuals to cultivate awareness, compassion, and wisdom amidst the ever-changing flow of existence.

The Bardo of Dreams

In Buddhism, the bardo of dream is considered a realm where one can explore the nature of reality, confront subconscious elements, and potentially attain insight into the illusory nature of existence.

The Bardo of Meditation

The bardo of meditation in Buddhism symbolizes a state where individuals can transcend worldly distractions, fostering deep insight and clarity while traversing the realms of consciousness.

The Bardot of Death

In Buddhism, the bardo of death signifies a pivotal transition where consciousness navigates through states, offering an opportunity for liberation if met with awareness, detachment, and recognition of the impermanent nature of existence.

The Bardo of Dharmata

The bardo of dharmata within Buddhism represents a profound state where the fundamental nature of reality is unveiled, offering a glimpse into the pure essence of existence beyond conceptualizations or constructs.

The Bardo of Becoming

The bardo of becoming in Buddhism reflects the fluid interplay of desires and karma, where consciousness leans towards a new life state, influenced by past actions and intentions.


One year

A feature film written and directed by Lianne Metcalf

Three sisters learn their fate at their Father’s will hearing, discovering that to receive their inheritance, they must all live together at their Father’s property for One year.


Watch a teaser for the feature film ‘One Year’ here.


Watch the trailer for the feature film ‘On Year’ here.