SomaChi Yoga

Where contemparary meets traditional

SomaChi Yoga

Where contemparary meets traditional

Soma is the alive body and Chi is energy. SomaChi is a fluid and flowing style of yoga. It is about being in the movement rather than just merely doing it – ‘enjoyment in motion’. It is contemporary in nature, but holds respect to tradition and lineage.


We run certificate and advanced yoga teacher trainings, take people on sacred pilgrimages to India and the SomaChi Yoga style is featured in a number of yoga studios including the Carlton Yoga Collective.

SomaChi Yoga Classes in Carlton

The Carlton Yoga Collective is a passionate collective of yoga teachers overseen by Lianne Metcalf. 

Yoga Teacher Training

We specialise in yoga trainings for those who want to become a teacher, and for teachers who want to further their study. Our yoga teacher training is an education in yoga.

SomaChi Yoga Classes SomaChi yoga is now in a number of yoga studios across Melbourne. Explore a studio near you.
Certified SomaChi Yoga Teacher Meet our highly educated and experienced teachers.

Online Yoga Classes

Join our online community resources and live classes during the COVID-19 closure

Access to our online resources—$49 p/m ongoing membership.

Resources include:
All classes at the Carlton Yoga Collective are being broadcast live for online members.

Check out our timetable.


  • Meditation pre-recorded video’s
  • Yoga pre-recorded classes with live Q&A through Zoom
  • Book Club which will be done once a month through Zoom
  • Educational chats and videos are on meditation, yoga anatomy with a focus of alignment.
  • Good company and general contact

All online access is through our private Facebook group.

Guide to purchasing:

  • Log in or create an account in our online system Momo yoga
  • Select My Schedule
  • Under Memberships and Class Passes select Buy now
  • Buy the membership pass: online classes through the Facebook group
  • In your receipt will be the link to join the group
  • Email me at if you have any difficulty in joining
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