Spread the Joys of Purity with Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne

We must rely on our own efforts to purify our minds and bodies, “purity and impurity depend on oneself; no one can purify another.” This wisdom from the Buddha, the ultimate teacher, is a foundation upon which students can build and gain purity through yoga. As our minds and bodies coalesce through breathing, postures, movement, and meditation, we gain acquaintance with our true selves. An experienced guide is necessary to help students learn proper technique and understand yoga philosophy so they might achieve this joyful purity.

The constant movement of life is an inspiration to some, but may be frightening to others who do not yet understand it. With proper guidance, they learn to flow with life and move their bodies and minds as one. Yoga teachers both instruct students in physical form and also help to construct the student’s philosophical framework into which these techniques flow.

For those in Melbourne who wish to continue their journey by serving others through yoga instruction, yoga teacher training is available at SomaChi Yoga. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, learn to reveal more of yourself, and become a beacon for others who are not so far along their path to purity. SomaChi Yoga supports the growing yoga community through their training program, recognised by the world-wide organisation, Yoga Alliance. This comprehensive program is designed to not only evaluate a student’s skills as a yoga teacher, but also to further the student’s understanding of their own true self, and to teach the student how to help others do the same.