Embrace the Cycles of Life with Yoga Teacher Training in Melbourne, Cbd

Existence, at least on Earth, is made up of cycles, large and small. One of the largest and most important, of course, is the cycle of life and death, but there are many more than this, and they make up every moment of our lives. The cycle of student and teacher is a time-honoured process, one which has allowed the wisdom and discovery of yoga to flow through countless generations.

The finest teachers not only embody the best practices of their discipline, but they are also skilled at recognising and capitalising on a student’s opportunities for betterment. A wise instructor and a willing student combine critique and commitment to further the student along the path. Wisdom from the Buddha encourages this process, “should you find a wise critic to point out your faults, follow him as you would a guide to hidden treasure.”

As new students join the procession, new instructors must emerge by first becoming a new kind of student. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, the student must enter the cocoon of yoga teacher training to transition into an instructor.

SomaChi Yoga offers a distinguished yoga teacher training program in Melbourne, Cbd, for those enlightened students whose dedication to yoga philosophy leads them to help perpetuate the student-teacher cycle. Candidates enter into a new level of yoga training; furthering their self-discovery and learning how to connect with those who are still seeking the path. SomaChi Yoga is a Yoga Alliance-registered school, and certificates earned from their 200 programme qualify graduates to enlist as a Registered Yoga Teacher, a classification recognised throughout the world.

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