Feel Better in Your Body with SomaChi Yoga in Melbourne, CBD

For decades, yoga has been raved about as a way to get into shape, increase muscle strength, and lose weight. However, yoga is most commonly performed to improve well-being and to help those who participate, feel good in their bodies. Vinyasa yoga, a type of yoga that concentrates on strategic breathing movements, is a commonly practiced form of yoga in Melbourne, CBD. For those looking to get into yoga for the first time, joining a centre offering vinyasa yoga in the Melbourne, CBD area is a good place to start. One of the area’s more popular yoga centres, SomaChi Yoga, has the tools beginners will need to feel at home when first starting out.

SomaChi boasts a welcoming community of yoga lovers who provide encouragement and support to those just starting yoga in Melbourne, CBD. SomaChi emphasises vinyasa yoga and offers beginners’ classes twice a week, as well as more advanced classes, such as lessons on backbends. SomaChi also offers teaching in Buddhism, an integral part of their yoga instruction, as well as somatic workshops. Their membership plans are auto-renewable as well, making it easy for newcomers to sign up and renew weekly or monthly membership plans.

For high-quality instruction in vinyasa yoga and other important techniques, visit SomaChi Yoga. To find out more about their membership plans, beginners’ courses, or to view even more class schedules, log on to their website at http://www.somachi.com.au.