Learn to Practice Mindfulness with a Yoga Class in Fitzroy at SomaChi Yoga

In the modern world, we all tend to be multi-tasking all of the time. We check our emails at traffic lights, we text clients while we are with our family members, and we even update our social media statuses when in crisis. Technology is an incredible and beautiful asset, but all too often it is also an energy drain and focus detractor. We are continuously “on” and are “on call” to our devices. Studies have shown that the human brain is not meant to multitask like a computer. In fact, we are much more efficient if we practice mindfulness and focus on one task at a time until it is complete.

So, how do you learn to focus? One excellent way is to take a yoga class in Fitzroy at SomaChi Yoga. The practice of yoga itself teaches mindfulness because, to be effective, you must learn to clear your mind and only focus on the various yoga poses and your breathing. As you continue to practice yoga, this mindfulness will begin to spill over into the other areas of your life as well. SomaChi Yoga’s beautiful location in Fitzroy is designed for mindfulness; their yoga class surroundings are simple, yet peaceful. Learn how to soothe your mind and focus by taking SomaChi Yoga’s yoga class in Fitzroy. You are worth the investment of time. Your body, mind, and spirit will be forever grateful.