Are You Hoping to Teach Yoga in Abbotsford? SomaChi Yoga Can Help You Get Started

Many people who began yoga as just an exercise regiment, stress reliever, or way to unwind from their hectic schedules have found the ancient practice to become a part of their regular lives. Yoga expands far beyond just classes, with spiritual, usually Buddhist teachings accompanying the stress relieving positions and breathing exercises. Advocates of yoga in Abbotsford have even come to love the practice so much that they have been looking to learn to teach their own yoga courses. If you are looking to learn how to instruct yoga in Abbotsford or neighbouring areas, SomaChi Yoga can help get you the teaching you need to begin.

SomaChi Yoga is a unique vinyasa yoga sequencing centre located in VIC that has been offering training and instruction in the ancient art for more than 15 years. SomaChi Yoga provides a welcome community for other lovers of yoga to engage in, and also provides yoga instruction courses for those hoping to teach yoga in Abbotsford or other VIC regions. Their course matches the 200-hour Registered Yoga Training minimum to become a certified yoga trainer and provides help and support along the way.

If you are a fan of vinyasa yoga and enjoy Buddhist teachings, training with SomaChi Yoga might be a good match for the type of yoga you are hoping to teach. Find out more information about the program by emailing

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