Carlton Yoga Collective

1014 Lygon Street Carlton North

The Yoga Specialists

The Carlton Yoga Collective is a passionate collective of yoga teachers overseen by Lianne Metcalf.

Our small home studio strays from the crowded mainstream in that we focus on small classes (max ten people) to provide individualised assistance and adjustments to participants.

Regardless of whether you are new to yoga or experienced, our classes will provide attention and support to further your yoga.

What yoga do we do?

SomaChi is a dynamic flow yoga created from Vinyasa flow, Somatic movement and Tai-Chi.

The transitions concentrate on fluid movements that not only create enjoyment in motion but also support the joints and muscles.

When experience matters

Lianne has been teaching for more than 25 years and training people to become yoga teachers for the last 15 years. She also has a 30-year background in Somatic psychotherapy that aided the development of the studio’s principle style, SomaChi. She brings these years of expertise to the yoga class.

Passes and Prices


First timers
6 classes with 1 month expiry

10 Class Pass
Our 10 class pass has a long 6-month expiry for you to use at your leisure


Casual Drop-In
Casual class


Yoga Teacher
Casual class for a teacher

Our Timetable

*Bookings are essential as our class numbers are limited.

Carlton Yoga Collective
1014 Lygon Street Carlton North

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Monday 6.30 PM (75 min)
SomaChi with Mindfulness
Teacher: Lianne

SomaChi is a dynamic practice that will bring life to your senses and to embody movement. Soma is the alive body and Chi is energy. With fluidity, you will explore your body with movements influenced by Vinyasa yoga, Somatic body psychotherapy and Tai-Chi. The Monday evening class ends with either 15 minute Savasana for deep relaxation or 15 minute Mindfulness sitting.

Wednesday 6.30 PM (60 min)
Simple Flow
Teacher: Steph

A simple Vinyasa flow class. Relaxing and easy flow that is open for all levels.

Friday 7 AM (60 min)
Teacher: Lianne

An energised flow based style focusing on powerful postures to strengthen and nourish the body.

Saturday 9.30 AM (75 min) 
SomaChi Advanced
Teacher: Lianne

SomaChi Advanced is fluidity in movement. Further your SomaChi practice by learning advanced transitions and discovering the mind intention behind all the SomaChi sequences.

Sunday 5 PM (60 min)
Soma Slow
Teacher: Lianne

Elements of traditional SomaChi class slowed for a restorative restful practice. Soma Slow incorporates rolling movements and somatic therapeutic methods. Soma Slow is open to all levels.

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