Lorena Castro

250hr RYT

Lorena’s desire to improve people’s quality of life stemmed from her work as a clinical dietician. She has been involved in dance from an early age, giving her a deep knowledge and awareness of her body and movement. Lorena found Yoga as pathway to release stress and calm the mind, ongoing practice awakened her to the balancing benefits that gradually changed and improved her life. Since arriving in Australia, her passion in yoga became profound and gave her a strong desire to deepen her practice and knowledge about the roots of yoga. Lorena completed her yoga teacher training at SomaChi Yoga in 2016 and continued on at the studio to become trained in SomaChi teachings.

During classes she seeks to realise her students’ potential by focusing on releasing stress and enabling a synergy to form between the body and mind. This is achieved by concentrating on creating a relationship between breath and movement.  She believes that adjustments are an integral part of yoga classes, supporting students to gain the most benefit of their own practice.