250hr RYT

Kahmen’s journey to yoga began in her teens, reading yogic philosophy and practicing yoga poses out of books by Indra Devi and Beryl Bender Birch in the lounge room. From a young age Kahmen was immersed in dance and the performing arts, both at school and in the local theatre community. At the age of 16 she became unwell and was unable to continue her commitments with dance and couldn’t attend school for a few months. It was during this time she found a pamphlet for an 8-week beginners yoga and meditation course; this was the time when she started to explore a personal interest in yoga, nutrition, natural medicine and is what inspired her to travel to Nepal to trek and teach English on her own at age 21.

A diverse background of interests, Kahmen brings with her many years of experience. Her passion for movement, performing arts, childbirth, natural medicine and natural law all found a way to meld together when she found SomaChi. Her working life began as a remedial therapist and she spent many years working alongside well-respected Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Chiropractors and Naturopaths. During this time Kahmen danced professionally in Brazilian Latin company’s and travelled abroad to study the traditional roots of Brazilian samba and afro Brazilian dance in America and Brazil. However always in her heart, was the aspiration to one day be a midwife, so while working in Chinese Medicine clinics and dancing/teaching in the Latin circles of Melbourne – Kahmen was also attending birthing women as Doula. Today Kahmen combines all these elements and years of experiences together. Now studying to be a professional midwife, she is honored to be a mother of two boys and works as a SomaChi yoga teacher and a 50hr trained Yoga for Birth (prenatal) teacher.

Creative expression and the human experience is very much what drives her passion. Kahmen found SomaChi Yoga Academy in 2013 when her first son was 3.5 years old and life had started to dramatically change. Yoga had always been about exercise and staying fit up until then, and dance was often always about performance. Motherhood landed her in a place where none of that mattered so much anymore and the longing for teachers in both the dance and yoga worlds had started to develop; no longer interested in the superficial. In wanting to go deeper and find the roots and traditions that touched her heart, SomaChi seemed to tie the sacred threads between the many things she had explored in Brazilian culture, Chinese Medicine, and even childbirth. During her SomaChi training Kahmen found her home within Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and continues to draw from this rich source as grounding for living by studying the path, and inspiration for Yoga and Meditation practices.

“SomaChi gifted me with remembering my body. Somewhere along the way, I stepped out. I’m not sure where, but SomaChi brought me home again. Between the sacredness of the movements, to the provocative music and graceful mind work. This practice continues to touch me in ways that other practices just scratch the surface on.”