250hr RYT

Emily dabbled in Vinyasa and Hatha before coming to SomaChi in 2013, what distinguished SomaChi from other practices and kept her coming back is the emphasis on subjective experience within her practise rather than on conforming to a prescriptive alignment. Emily finds that a consistent SomaChi practice facilitates a deeper relationship with her body in movement and an ongoing exploration of being present to subtleties within that. Emily has also been drawn to the Buddhist philosophy and influence within SomaChi, in particular the ongoing learning within meditation and other practices.

Emily has a background in social and community work and finds that her SomaChi practice greatly supports her in working within these complex environments. Emily began teaching from a desire to share with others a practice which has brought so much to her own life and is passionate about facilitating a safe, supportive class environment in which people can explore their own movement practice.

Emily completed her 200hr Vinyasa training with Lianne in 2017, 50hr Somachi training in early 2018 and has also completed 20hrs of trauma sensitive yoga training with the Trauma Centre Yoga Program. Emily is currently undertaking a 12 month mentorship program with Lianne as a follow on from her training. Emily teaches Vinyasa and SomaChi.