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YOGA by SomaChi


Teacher training in the Himalayas

70 hours in retreat, Bir India Join us for this wonderful adventure. Let us take you to a region that is less explored by tourists and dive into the life and traditions of the east.

200 and 500 hour RYT

SomaChi is now a 200 and 500 hour Yoga Alliance registered training course. On completion of the course you will receive a 200 hour training certificate from a Registered Yoga School, and will be able to enlist as an internationally recognised Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 and 500) with Yoga Alliance.


SomaChi Yoga

Where contemporary meets traditional

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Yoga Melbourne

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The SomaChi training is experiential, hands on and very practical. It will provide you with the tools to go from a student to a confident teacher.

Our new curriculum has a strong emphasis on the artistic and therapeutics (somatic) view point.  You will need to have a strong interest in philosophy and arts.


Our founder Lianne spent over 11 years training in Somatic Body Psychotherapy. This has allowed the course approach to be specific with the principals of embodied information, which means—it takes time for true absorption.

If you eat your food fast you can’t absorb it, it is the same with the art of learning to be a great yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Training 2016 Melbourne and India

This is our major difference, we believe in embodiment.  We believe in the art of delivery, and through learning to experience and manifest this understanding, we arrive at a genuine delivery.  We learn to be a philosopher and an artist in the realm of the yogic world. Therefore our training is hugely practical, experiential at times, and we truly examine ourselves. Our unique sequencing, in which we are well known for, is birthed through this philosophy.  So whilst we have a solid understanding of anatomy, our principles go deeper into the feeling and sensations that produces the anatomical makeup. We are enriched with this great language to structure, inspired yoga classes. This is why our course is not a short course. We want you to feel equipped and ready to teach on completion, and to have had opportunities to have been assessed on many occasions so you are aware of your strengths and areas for improvement as a teacher. We invite you to take this yogi journey that embodies the tradition of the yogi.

Ksenia Stepanova

ksenia_sWhen I signed up for the 10 months course at SomaChi, I knew that there would be a significant amount of work involved and was under no illusions about the commitment needed.  The level of tuition was very high. Lianne Metcalf is a fantastic teacher and has a unique and highly effective way of imparting knowledge. Her teachings will stay with me for a very long time and I can’t express how grateful I am to be a part of SomaChi teaching team and having such a great mentor as Lianne.

I absolutely love SomaChi fluid vinyasa style and smooth transitions between postures, and I was delighted to learn more about Somatics, Chi and mindfulness during the course.  I felt a deep connection with the traditional teachings and these have infiltrated into my day to day life and are making me a happier, more balanced person.  My increased knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body after the course takes the awareness of the benefits of yoga to the next level, which again leads to an even greater appreciation that I hope to pass on to my students ~ Yoga Teacher, Steamline Body

Eddy Borg

EddyThe training at SomaChi is very indepth and will give you a solid foundation to be able to teach, break down progression of postures, do safe adjustments, and identify the differences between traditional and modern styles of yoga. The SomaChi school is not only teaching authentic/traditional yoga, but is also influenced by their dedicated practice of Tibetan Buddhism. This is not a short course that aims to churn out yoga teachers in 1-2 months, but a solid foundational education over 10 months that will challenge you and help you grow personally and professionally ~ Yoga Teacher

Maria Simeone

Early 2015 204My SomaChi journey with Lianne and Pete began 4 years ago, when I was looking for a good Yoga school in Melb upon returning from living overseas. My partner found SomaChi (he loved the name!) and the rest is history. Doing the TT with Lianne was the beginning of what I have called my 2nd life – realising that I only ever had 1 life to begin with and to finally really start loving myself and that life! The deep knowledge of Yoga as a Science and philosophy flows through each and every class and is passed on to students on both an individual level and a class level.Becoming a Yoga Teacher through SomaChi is not only an amazing experience, it is a gift. Lianne’s calm assurance and motivating teaching methods, bring out the best in each individual and teach that person how to do the same for others. I am fortunate enough to now be teaching Yoga Anatomy and Physiology to Lianne’s Teacher Trainees, and I love it! I am still learning.. hence the journey of Yoga. SomaChi is life changing and unique. It is an art, a love, a freedom of both movement and of soul. There is nothing else quite like it ~ Anatomist, SomaChi Teacher Training

Lani Kaplan

Lani Pic1The training was an incredible way to deepen a practice that I already knew I loved. It was spread out over approximately 8-9 months which gave me the opportunity to integrate the learnings and practice at the same time.

Throughout the course I trusted the continuous constructive feedback provided to me and used this information to find my self as a teacher. Upon completion I felt confident to begin my teaching journey without hesitation. I met lifelong best friends and continue to feel supported by the studio to this day ~ Director/Social Worker/Yoga Teacher, Cultural Yoga Project

Linda Kosta

IMG_1507Deeply rooted in classical yoga tradition, blending aspects of other major energetic and philosophical systems studying SomaChi Yoga Teacher Training you will be challenged to dive deeply into the experience of yoga with authenticity and compassion. A life changing experience after completing my Teacher Training in 2009 and six months Mentoring Program with Lianne I have worked as a Freelance Yoga Teacher in Melbourne and love sharing the joys of movement through SomaChi Yoga with others. Much gratitude to my Teacher, Mentor & friend Lianne Metcalf, a most inspiring and creative Teacher, always challenging yet supportive. You will also have ongoing support of the growing SomaChi Yoga Community. Highly recommend SomaChi Teacher Training School an Yoga Alliance registered training school ~ Yoga Teacher, Source 2 Soul

Kay Gries

kay-griesI completed the 200 hour SomaChi Teacher Training with Lianne in 2009. The course was exceptional, in its approach to the Yoga ethic and the many layers that surround the practice. Lianne is a brilliant communicator making the whole learning and participation in the course very alive and relevant. And we had so much fun! This was a real challenge for me as I had not done any formal instruction for many years, but I did want to know more about yoga. It had not been my intention to teach however Lianne encouraged me to do so.  That has further in enhanced my practice, my thoughts and my life. The journey continues ~ Yoga Teacher

Nicky Davidson

nickyIn November 2004 I completed the 200 hour accredited SomaChi Yoga Teacher Training. I have been teaching SomaChi and Vinyasa Yoga since then in many establishments. These have included yoga Studio’s, the corporate sector, health and fitness organisations, schools and also private classes. I am happy to say that this is my full time career as an E-RYT200 yoga teacher.

This yoga training taught me to bring more of myself to the practices, to the study of movement and to teaching these practices. Here you will find a training that is grounded within lineage and yogic philosophies, where intelligence of mind and body is explored and developed and most importantly where the heart is embraced. Learning from Lianne Metcalf and her wealth of knowledge and experience I am very much thankful for and I very much appreciate the heart she brought to the course and continues to bring to SomaChi yoga ~ Yoga Teacher, Soma Rae



WITH YOGA ALLIANCE On completion of the course you will receive a 200 hour training certificate from a Registered Yoga School, and will be able to enlist as an internationally recognised Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 and 500) with Yoga Alliance.

Teacher training in the Himalayas

Join us Bir, India… in the true tradition of yoga. 70 hour retreat. October 7 to 16

About Bir

  Bir is a village located in the west of the state of Himachal Pradesh in northern India Bir is a noted centre for ecotourism, spiritual studies and meditation. Bir is also home to a Tibetan refugee settlement with several Buddhist monasteries and a large stupa. To read more about Bir please refer to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bir,_Himachal_Pradesh

A retreat you will never forget

Join us for this wonderful adventure.  Let us take you to a region that is less explored by tourists, and dive into the life and traditions of the east.

Yoga Melbourne

Dates for 2017

Dates:  2 hour Friday Evening and Weekends intensives Saturday and Sunday Time: 8am to 3.30pm (1 hour break)

Starting March 17


Friday: 17th 7.30-8.30pm Introduction (1 hour only)
Weekend: 18th and 19th


Friday: 7th 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend 8th and 9th


Friday: 12th 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend: 13th and 14th


Friday: 14th 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend: 17th and18th


Friday: 14th 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend: 15th only (saturday)


Friday: 18th 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend: 19th and 20th


Weekend Only: 15th and 16th 8am-3.30pm

Retreat India (70 fabulous hours)

Starts: October 7th 12.30pm for lunch start.
Finishes: October 16th (approx 6pm).


Friday: 3rd 7.30-9.30pm
Weekend: 4th and 5th

Cost for 2017

Early Bird: Fully paid by the 18th of February 2017—$4,100
Full Payment—$4,300

Payment Plans on request
Schedule Payment Plan—$4,400 (6 months)
Schedule Payment Plan—$4,600 (12 months)

* Scheduled dates for payments to be supplied by SomaChi
* $500 deposit required to secure spot


> At least 10 hours of practice in the SomaChi style of yoga. This can be done by workshops, classes and immersions.

> 1 year solid practice of yoga in a studio environment.

> Read Patanjali 8 limbs of yoga (The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Swami Satchidanda).

> Interview with a Senior Teacher.


200 hour modules

* Yogic Techniques

   > asana

   > adjustments

   > how to sequence/theme and present classes

* Functional Anatomy and Physiology

* Yogic Philosophy 

   > Yoga history (Vedas, Buddhism, Patanjali, Modern times)

   > Yoga Sutras (8 Limbs of Yoga)

Energetic Systems  


Meditation – Shamata Vipashyana (vipassana)   

SomaChi – Transforming through waves and cycles 

Sanskrit Language 

The Business of Yoga 

 * Indicates major modules of the training


Includes All classes (Membership with SomaChi for the duration of the training) Accommodation, meals, taxi to and from Dharamshala during the retreat in Bir, India

Excludes all flights including domestic to and from india. Any further personal requirements outside the time frame of the course.