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Yoga Melbourne

Yoga Studios in the Heart of Smith Street Fitzroy

Where you feel you are practicing amongst friends. SomaChi Fitzroy is a stunning studio – aka “the hidden jewel” – on vibrant Smith street. We provide an opportunity to do something truly and wholly good for yourself. Turn off your phone, step away from your desk and spend time focusing on your own body and mind.

We offer Vinyasa, Hour Flow, Beginners yoga, Candlelight flow, as well as our signature style SomaChi.

SomaChi is a vibrant, active and uplifting practice that combines traditional yoga poses with dynamic, energetic transitions which combines yoga and martial arts, emphasising flowing movements. Our yoga courses inspire the individual who loves to move, often to the rhythm of music, and at times alongside live performances.

Truly transformative yoga lessons focusing on the needs of each individual student

At our Fitzroy yoga studios, we believe everyone can benefit from the rejuvenating and life-giving experience that our mode of practice provides. Walking in the door, you are greeted by a statue of female bodhisattva Green Tara, the mother of liberation in Buddhism. You are also greeted by smiling teachers, committed yogis and a lively upbeat vibe which is also intuitive to the ebb and flow of energy. Don’t just join a studio, join a community. At SomaChi, we try to foster a lively, inclusive, encouraging atmosphere that welcomes people of all ages, abilities and experience levels.

At our SomaChi and Vinyasa yoga classes, you’ll be led by qualified and passionate instructors who can gently guide you towards a better form of practice. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a skilled school to help you start on the path to teaching, we’re there for you.

Enrol in our yoga courses today and centre your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing

At SomaChi, we offer a truly unique difference. Our community is inspired by highly experienced teachers with a collective over ten thousand hours on the mat. To truly know yoga you must receive the experience. This is why we offer a month intro pass of $49 for FIRST MONTH UNLIMITED CLASSES.

Enrol in our yoga lessons today, or contact our Fitzroy school on 0410 389 035, to speak to one of our instructors. We can also be reached by email at with any questions about our school’s philosophy or courses.

Yoga provides a complete workout of strength, flexibility, balance and body wellbeing, in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

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